Treatment Information

Acrylic Nails

A full set of extensions using tips and the highest quality CJP acrylic liquid and powders. The possibilities are endless with acrylic from a basic extension and colour, an elegant ombre or a more detailed design set. All acrylic sets can either be infilled (the same colour acrylic filling in where the nail has grown) or a redesign can be done (an efile is used to remove the design down to a clear base and a new design is created).

Prices start at £30 for a basic set.


Basic ombre



Simple Design



Custom Design


Gel Nails

Gel polish can be used to add a beautiful splash of colour to your natural nails, lasting 2-3 weeks depending on natural nail growth and aftercare.

Nails are as individual as us all; they grow at different rates, different shapes and are sometimes not as strong as we would like. This is all down to genetics and lifestyle. If you feel a stronger overlay is needed, BIAB (builder in a bottle) can be used in place of, or underneath, a gel colour to give extra strength. This is then 'infilled' at maintenance appointments.

Prices start at £18.00


Gel Polish



Builder Gel



French Gel



I do not work over another nail technician's work. Please arrive with bare nails to your first appointment or book in for a soak off. 

I do not offer nail treatments to anyone below the age of 15 years old.


All appointments MUST be booked in advance, I do not offer a walk in service.

Please come to your appointment alone; children are not allowed in the salon.